Due to the increase of the virus in Camden, St. Anne's is closed until 15th February 2021


St. Anne’s closed until at least 15th February

Fr Andrew
Fr Andrew Meldrum

Dear all,

It is with great reluctance and heaviness of heart that the PCC and I have decided to close the church forthwith until, at least, the 15th February 2021.  We shall review this decision in the week beginning 7th February, if not sooner, monitoring the Camden numbers and the trend.

As you may well imagine, we have not taken this decision lightly and we all have reservations about this.  However, the current situation in London and in Camden is such that we do not feel that we can risk your health by encouraging you to leave your homes when you should stay in.

Once again, we must learn to be the Church around the kitchen table rather than the Church around the altar.  This is a good discipline for us, to remind that God is present to us in our homes and not just in the Church gathering on Sunday; that He is ever present, and that we should not only seek Him when it is convenient.

These will only be a few weeks, but I want to encourage you to be diligent in prayer for one another until that time when we can all be gathered together once again.

With the assurance of my prayers,

As ever,


Every week at St. Anne’s


Open for Private Prayer from 11am – 2pm


Open for Private Prayer from 11am – 12.30pm


St. Anne’s is now open for weddings

Contact us to discuss

St. Anne’s is open for funerals

Contact us to discuss

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Sunday 11am – Said Eucharist with Organ

Please book a place with the Vicar at javintner@aol.com.  You are asked to be in you seat by 10.50am


Wednesday – 11am – Said Eucharist

You do not need to book for this service

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St. Anne’s is now open for weddings

Contact us to discuss.


St. Anne’s is now open for funerals

Contact us to discuss.


1                Advent 1, 10.30; Advent Carol Service, 6pm
3                Advent Study, 10.30 (Vicarage)
8                Advent 2, 10.30
10              Advent Study, 10.30 (Vicarage)
15              Advent 3, 10.30
17              Advent Study, 10.30 (Vicarage)
18              Christmas Requiem, 8pm
22              Advent 4, 10.30
24              Christmas Eve: Nativity Service, 5pm; Midnight Mass, 11.30pm
25              Festal Eucharist, 10.30
29              Holy Family, 10.30
1                Mary Mother of God, 12 noon (said eucharist)
5                Epiphany, 10.30
9                Women at the Well, 11am
12              Baptism of Christ, 10.30
13              Healing Mass, 7.30pm
19              Epiphany 2, 10.30
22              Compline, 8pm
26              Conversion of St Paul, 10.30
2                Candlemas, 10.30
6                Women at the Well, 11am
9                3 before Lent
10              Healing Mass, 7.30pm
16              2 before Lent
19              Compline, 8pm
23              Next before Lent
26              Ash Wednesday, 7.30pm
1               Lent 1, 10.30
5               Women at the Well, 11am
6-8           Parish pilgrimage to Walsingham
8               Lent 2, 10.30
9               Healing Mass, 7.30pm
15             Lent 3, 10.30
18             Compline, 8pm
22             Mothering Sunday, 10.30
29             Lent 5, 10.30

The 2020 Children nativity

Thank you to everybody who visited our website on Christmas Eve to enjoy the live broadcast of the Children’s Christmas Nativity 2020.
If you missed it – you can still watch it here.

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